Multiplying Evangelism for a Movement


Multiplying Evangelism for a Movement




Is evangelism a lost cause? Or do we have opportunities to find new alignment with the work of the Holy Spirit as we share the gospel with a lost and hurting world?

These are questions we’re asking ourselves as we prepare to gather in Orlando in March 2023 for a discussion about what it means to reach out to our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and communities with the grace, peace, and love of Jesus during this season.

Are you (or is someone you know):

  • Wondering how best to reach the lost?
  • Curious about what other church leaders are doing to share the gospel?
  • Ready to develop new strategies to engage your team in the work of reaching out?

Without a thriving evangelism culture in our churches, we have no hope of carrying out the Great Commission. That’s what we’re talking about in this fifth and final workbook. It’s what all four previous workbooks have led up to: ultimately, we want to create a world-changing, multiplying movement for evangelism.

This workbook, the fifth in a 5-part series, will lead you through a discovery process designed to help you better understand both your own current posture toward evangelism, as well as the challenges and opportunities we all face in evangelizing the lost in 2023, and beyond.

Interactive question and answer spaces allow you to capture your thoughts in the document, on your favorite device.

Download the FREE PDF and start your journey toward increased evangelism effectiveness today. Click here to access the workbooks in the series. 

Join us in Orlando March 6-9, 2023 to continue this important conversation.